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Creative wellness. What inspires you to move? Powered by Kinema Fitness, we have a variety of offerings to connect with you and provide you with the machines, classes, and services that will focus you on your wellness goals. 

Exclusively available to the tenants of One Financial.


Fitness Assessment


Personal Training


All Classes, All Access

Elite fitness instructors lead a variety of courses at all intensities: from cycle and strength to Vinyasa yoga. Find your personal path among our group offerings.

Taking Your Measure

To know where you are going, you have to know your starting point. Taking your baseline statistics allows you to effectively set goals and realistic plans for how to get there.

Nourishing the whole person

Holistic services enable you to actively pursue improved health and enhance your quality of life. Services include coaching for health, nutrition, and subtle healing practices to support and encourage balance in body and mind.

Guidance to Optimize Your Workout

Personal trainers can provide you with insight and expertise to focus and improve your exercise regimen. Get the most out of your workout with this extra service.

Supportive Services

Making your health and wellness a priority takes time from your day. Our state-of-the-art amenities, including full-service locker rooms with day locker use, and complimentary towel service, provide those small supportive touches to your process.