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Perfect For a Break


Whether just stepping out of your office for a few minutes alone, connecting with a few others for a casual meeting or hosting a cocktail event, Atrium has the space for you.

Cozy and Casual

Sometimes you just need to step away from a desk or conference room to take a breather. Imagine a few minutes curled up on well-upholstered seating with a beautiful view of the Boston skyline. Go ahead and take that deep breath before continuing your day. 

You need to take a moment in Atrium.

Beautiful seating area.
Lobby view of atrium.

Add to Your Planned Meeting Space

Already planning to leverage another Loft on Two space for a meeting – Alcove, Annex or Assembly? You can also book Atrium for additional meeting, break or breakout space to complement your event.

Sweetening Your Plans

Atrium is a perfect spot for the food breaks for your meeting attendees. And whether you want a coffee service, a healthy box lunch or full-service catered dinner, the fabulous MAX Ultimate Food/MAX Out has you covered. Let us help you find the best menu for your event.

Servers with trays of drinks.


Where is Atrium located?

Atrium is located at Loft on Two in the soaring One Financial Center in Boston. Directly across from South Station with onsite parking, this location is easy to find and access for your meeting attendees.

How big is the Atrium space? And how many people does it accommodate?

The space hold 60 chairs and can accommodate up to 200 people.

Do you have a minimum catering order required for Atrium?

If you don’t need catering for your meeting, that is fine. There is no order requirement. 

Do you have any special arrangements with hotels for meeting attendees?

Yes, we have relationships with the following boutique hotels:

(list and link)

What kinds of gatherings are appropriate for Atrium?

Casual or networking events for corporate, nonprofit and governmental groups from 50 to 200 will find the space and supporting elements a great fit.