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Perfect For Executive Meetings


Collaborating with your leadership team can be in done in comfort, with state-of-the-art meeting tools – and a view! Decision-making space at its best.

Focused Collaboration

When you are working in a smaller group, you need a space that is large enough to work comfortably, yet not cavernous. A sunlit room that can be shaded when necessary. A meeting room that easily seats 14 around a table that connects your technology. 

You need Alcove.

Modern boardroom with windows.
Beautiful seating area.

Breaking Away From the Crowd

There are times when the entire group needs to work together, and others when you just need to break off to have a side discussion. Alcove provides access to adjacent areas for just those moments.  

Feeding Your
Decision Making

Keeping your brain cells firing requires sustenance. Whether you want a coffee service, a healthy box lunch or full-service catered dinner, the fabulous MAX Ultimate Food/MAX Out has you covered. 

Steak being served.


Where is Alcove located?

Alcove is located at Loft on Two in the soaring One Financial Center in Boston. Directly across from South Station with onsite parking, this location is easy to find and access for your meeting attendees.

How big is the Alcove space? And how many people does it accommodate?

The total square footage is 492 sq ft. It includes a conference table with seats for 14 and a total person room capacity of 16 people.

Do you have a minimum catering order required for Alcove?

If you don’t need catering for your meeting, that is fine. There is no order requirement. 

Do you have any special arrangements with hotels for meeting attendees?

Yes, we have relationships with the following boutique hotels:

(list and link)

What kinds of gatherings are appropriate for Alcove?

Corporate, nonprofit and governmental groups from two to 14 will find the space and supporting elements a great fit.